Scope of IJIREST

The Journal welcomes the articles from the follwoing fields, but not limited.

Energy Technology

Energy and Electrical Drives, Power Electronics,Power systems And Applications,Electrical Machines and adjustable speed Drives,Renewable energy source and technology,High Voltage Engineering,Automation and Control,Special Machines,Power Quality and Distributed Generations etc.

Computing Technology

Autonomic computing, Artificial Intelligence,Nerual Networks,Utility computing,Cloud Computing,Mobile computing,RealTime Computing,Grid and P2P Computing,Energy Efficient Computing and Embedded Computing etc.


Automation, Signal Processing in VLSI, Speech Processing and Recognition, Image Processing,Fibre Optic Instrumentation and Communication,Photonics, Optoelectronic Semiconductor Devices, VLSI Design, Embedded System Design, RF/Microwave/Mm, Wave Filters / Circuits / Components design, analysis and synthesis, Metamaterials, Microwave propagation in any media, Smart, Reconfigurable, UWB and Fractal Circuits/Antennas, AI techniques in Microwave Circuits/Antennas, Antenna Design for SDR, Antennas for Wearable application and Wireless Communications, Microwave material characterization, MI/EMC, Electromagnetics in Space , MIC & MMIC , Numerical Techniques , Monte Carlo Methods , Stochastic processes , Nonlinear Analysis, Wireless Communication, Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sharing and Radio Resource management etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Thermal engineering, Manufacturing engineering, Mechatronics , Industrial engineering, Materials & metallurgy, Energy, Design and Automobile etc.

Civil Engineering

Earthquake engineering, Mechanics of materials,Damage and fracture mechanics, Foundation engineering, Soil reinforcement and geosynthetics,Rock mechanics and Environmental engineering etc.

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