Publication Ethics

IJIREST follows quick evaluation method. In order to substantially reduce the time to publication as compared with traditional journals. Editorial board members will make the final decision. Submit the original article without any plagiarism and copyright material

  • Each papers will be reviewed by at least one expert.

  • The submission will be sent out to review .

  • Reviewers will return the review comments within 10to 15 days after receiving the paper.

  • The final decision and publication will be made.

  • Periodical updation will happen every three month.

  • Editorial Responsibilities

    The editor of a journal has a complete authority and responsibility to accept or reject a submitted paper and is not influenced by the management or owners in any form. The editor may confer with associate editor, co-editors and peer-reviewers while making a decision. The editors should judge all submissions on their scientific merit and minimize the influence of other factors. The decision should be timely and fair irrespective of caste, culture, origin, gender or citizenship of the author. Editors, authors, and peer reviewers have a responsibility to disclose interests that might appear to affect their ability to present or review data objectively. These include relevant financial, personal, political, intellectual, or religious interests.

    Editors and board members should, whenever these are relevant to the content being considered or published, declare their interests and affiliations.The editorial team should not disclose any information about a submitted paper under consideration other than to reviewers. Situations that may lead to conflicts of interest should be avoided.